If you're looking for an exciting and profitable career change in a field that's really growing, perhaps you ought to consider the medical marijuana industry.

David McNew, Getty Images

The Cannabis Career Institute is offering all-day seminars to teach New Jersey residents everything they need to know about how to produce and sell medicinal pot in the Garden State.

Institute CEO Robert Calkin says Master Growers can earn between $100,000 and $200,000 a year.

"And then there are between six and 20 bud tenders, or managers of a dispensary, and they will be making around $100,000."

He says the whole idea is to keep up with the changing laws in different states, and learn how to promote, market and brand the business in an effective way.

"We're just showing the people all of their options," says Calkin, "and then preparing them for any kind of change that may occur in their state, so that's an ever-evolving thing.

The Cannabis Career Institute held a seminar in New Jersey last month, and plans are in the works to hold another session in the Garden State later this summer.