I hate wearing masks. I hate living in a New Jersey where everyone is wearing masks. I'm hoping to God that we don't get used to this and resort to mask-wearing for other viruses that come down after COVID-19 and the will come. Please let this be a one-time thing that will end soon so that we can see each others smiling faces. BTW, did I tell you that you have a nice smile? Shame we can't see it.

Despite all the information which is out there that is constantly changing, I'm not even sure masks work at all to protect the virus. Having said that, whenever I go out to a public place, I wear a mask.

I wear it out of consideration for you. There are so many of you who believe that wearing the mask will prevent the spread of COVID-19 and I hope you're right. Either way, out of consideration, I don't want to upset you or rock your world, so I wear a mask. The same can be said for a man who wanted to buy ice from Kathee's General Store in Frenchtown. From a post by Tiffany Leigh on the Frenchtown NJ Facebook page:

"Sharing a positive thing:


I was working at Kathy's today and a customer came in with a $20 bill. She said, 'Some guy outside needs to buy bags of ice, but he forgot his mask so he can't come in.' She offered to bring his money inside and bring out his change. That was very nice.


What was more important is that the man had enough respect for the other customers and myself to not enter the store without a mask.


So kudos to both the gentleman and the kind lady."

So I messaged Tiffany Leigh on Facebook and here's what she said:

"Yes, this did happen. I don’t know for sure if the woman offered to purchase the ice for him or if he asked her to, as that occurred outside the store. When she came in she just said, 'A guy outside doesn’t have a mask, but needed to buy 4 bags of ice. This is his $20.' I said, 'That’s so nice of you to do that for him.' She said something along the lines of. 'it’s good to help people out.'"

Yes it certainly is. So if you can help someone out by wearing a mask, even though you may not agree with it, isn't it just easier to do it?

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