Last week, I posted a video of the Long Branch High School marching band and colorguard, and thought they were fabulous. Little did I know that what I witnessed last week at Stop and Shop in West End, Long Branch was actually a charity event called “Fight Songs for Food,” a student endeavor to help those less fortunate by providing them with food during the holiday season.

Thanks to student council adviser and co-coordinator of the event Tristin Nativo, who emailed me, now I understand more about the effort and hope that I can encourage you to donate.

At the time I had no idea it was even an event that was anything more than a fundraiser for the school band. Now, however, I’ve been enlightened and I wanted to make sure I gave it its due so that people who are interested in helping can do so.

Tristin included photos of how the food is organized and distributed by these kids. A group of students and staff members deliver these boxes to a list of families in need and they’ll be doing it this week again and AGAIN the week before Christmas.

Kudos to these wonderful students. If you guys are the future, we are all doing OK!

From from Tristin Nativo
From from Tristin Nativo

Attached is an Amazon wish list for the Long Branch High School food drive so that you can donate if you are so moved, as I was!

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