Seems simple enough right? But when is the last time you had a credible candidate for office in New Jersey actually campaign with across the board tax cuts and spending cuts? We need that person now for sure.

In the latest Trenton giveaway, more than 15 million of your dollars have been awarded as a grant from the New Jersey State Council of the Arts for artists in every county. Are you kidding me? We have homeowners under water, millennials living in basements and retirees fleeing NJ. Maybe 415 million doesn't seem like a lot, but the money adds up as you know.

A couple years ago, one of our Chasing team members shared some research that showed $700 million that I would cut on day one. If we change the majority party in Trenton by electing new leaders during the Assembly elections in November, that's a good first step. But over the course of the next couple years we had better do something to defeat Governor Murphy or the situation in Jersey is only gonna get worse.

I have a anyone in Trenton listening?

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