We all know the advantages of living near the shore. It’s a hop skip and a jump to get to your favorite slice of sand in the summer. You don’t have to fight for parking.

You can drop by and enjoy the beach any time you want. And with 120 miles of coastline, so many of us are lucky enough to live in close proximity to the shore.

Well, check this out – another bit of good news for beach lovers!


A recent study, led by Convenient MD says that there’s an amazing mental health connection. It turns out, living near the ocean might just be the secret sauce for a healthier mind.

The details reveal a fascinating fact. People who live within one kilometer (that’s about 0.6 miles) of the ocean have a whopping 22% lower likelihood of developing mental health symptoms compared to their counterparts living a bit inland, especially over 50 km (around 31 miles) away.

Bradley Beach
Bradley Beach (Bud McCormick)

Now, why's that, you might wonder? Well, it seems the ocean has some magical vibes. Just gazing at the vastness of those waves can work wonders.

Feeling small next to such a powerful force triggers a sense of awe, and guess what? Science says that awe factor has legitimate psychological and emotional perks.

Brick Beach III
Brick Beach III (Jen Ursillo, Townsquare Media)

So, if you're lucky enough to catch those ocean views regularly, you might be doing wonders for your mental health It's like nature's therapy session. Keep an eye on the horizon for more good vibes, and who knows, the ocean breeze might just be the pick-me-up your mind needs.

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