Throughout the NJ1015 Family Adoption process, the personalities are reading families on the air and what they those families have requested as donations. All families are listed under a generic letter to protect their identity. If you missed some of the information on a particular family that you wish to adopt or donate to, the information is below. If you need further information on any of the families, you can call the NJ1015 Family Adoption hotline 609-359-5353

Dan Specht/NJ1015 Townsquare Media

Here is a list of 'F' Families:

FAMILY: ____F1___

Mother 36yrs old- Wishes for a Queen Size Bed-in-a-Bag and a Shop Rite gift card.

Daughter 4yrs old- Wishes for scooter and safety equipment and a Disney Princess CD player.

Son- Wishes for a scooter and safety equipment and a LEGO city space moon buggy

FAMILY: ____F2___

Mother 21yrs old- Wishes for pajamas size small/petite and a Wal-Mart gift card

Son 2yrs old- Wishes for a tricycle & safety equipment and winter coat & snow pants size 3T.

Daughter 1mnth old- Wishes for winter clothing, and educational age appropriate toys

FAMILY: ____F3___

Mother 33yrs old- Wishes for a clock radio with a CD player and a Shop Rite gift card

Daughter 9yrs old- Wishes for a Crayola model magic jewelry boutique and a CD player


  • Call the New Jersey 101.5 Family Adoption Hotline at (609) 359-5353 to adopt one or more families. We also encourage groups or businesses to adopt families.
  • Mail gift cards to:
    New Jersey 101.5’s Family Adoption

    109 Walters Ave.
    Trenton, NJ 08638