The other day, we were talking about a "hacking" convention being run by Freehold Regional School District at Manalapan High School. That led me to thinking about life hacks.

Life hacks are little tips that you can use in everyday life to make tasks more efficient. In the video above, I decided to show you a few life hacks that I've been taught over the years. Without giving away any spoilers, some of these hacks involve contact solution, a ballpoint pen spring,

We asked fellow New Jersey 101.5 staff members to share some of their lifehacks, and you can see the full list below:

Eric Scott - Use an empty water bottle to separate egg yolks. Squeeze and suck out the yolk, then squeeze it into another bowl.

Annette Petriccione - I use peppermint oil or a dash of cinnamon to chase away aunts! I also use Dove liquid dish soap to remove carpet stains. It saves me from buying expensive carpet cleaners.

Toniann Antonelli - Put a teaspoon of baking soda in the water when you hard-boil eggs. After cooling them in an ice water bath, the shells will come off with ease.
- Put a dash of salt into the coffee grounds BEFORE you begin brewing. It will take away the bitterness.

Camille Frosztega - Put a wooden spoon over a pot and it will not boil over.

Melissa Jones - You can use those plastic thingies from loaves of bread to fix broken flip flops! It has saved many a pair.

Nicole Jacobson - Put a piece of bread in a bag of cookies. It keeps them soft and fresh!
- Spray whatever fragrance you like on the blades of a fan & turn the fan on. It spreads the scent throughout the room
- Make whatever mixture of eggs you like (eggs, cheese, bacon, veggies, etc.) and pour the mixture into a muffin tin. Makes your own “egg mcmuffins”, low calorie and plans for the week!

Jennifer Ursillo - Use mayo to get rid of water rings on wood furniture. Dry the area. Put enough mayo on the spot to cover it. Let it sit for several hours. Should be gone within a day.

Sergio Bichao - Need buttermilk for a recipe? Just use regular milk with a tablespoon of lemon juice.
- Best way of getting rid of garlic or other pungent food smell from hands and fingers is to rub them on stainless steel (like your kitchen sink) under running water.
- Use “pure” soaps like Ivory or Dove diluted in water to make natural pesticide spray for your organic garden and also as a gentle, non-toxic fruit-and-veggie wash. 

Karen Wood - Use toothpaste to polish silver jewelry.

Adam Hochran - Use the tops of two Chinese food soup containers to easily slice cherry tomatoes and other similar small vegetables. Place the veggie between the tops to secure it before slicing.

Sandi Mancuso - Mix baking soda and white vinegar almost to a paste but enough to use with a baster. Apply to (bathroom or kitchen) grout, wait a few minutes and clean with a sponge or rag….. your grout will come clean. I tried it – it works!

Do you have any "life hacks" or tips to make everyday life easier? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @nj1015 or @DennisAndJudi.

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