Two New Jersey men were killed in Israel during the massacre of Israeli citizens by Hamas on Oct. 7. One is missing and presumed to be a hostage.

Among those killed was a 20-year-old New Jersey native and DJ, Laor Abramov.
Abramov was from originally Hopewell, Mercer County, before he moved overseas.
He was at the music festival when he was murdered by Hamas.

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Itay Glisko, 20, a Paramus native who was serving with the Israeli Defense Forces, was in a gun battle around 11 a.m. and texted family that he was fine but there were a lot of terrorists around and all of his friends were dying. Then he was murdered by Hamas.

Edan Alexander, 19, of Tenafly, is part of the Israel Defense Forces Golani Brigade 51st Division. Alexander, a member of the Tenafly High School Class of 2022, was serving near the Gaza Strip during Saturday’s attack and is still missing.

Smoke rises following an Israeli airstrike in Gaza City,
Smoke rises following an Israeli airstrike in Gaza City (AP Photo/Hatem Moussa)

'There will be no Hamas in Gaza'

Israeli opposition leader and former prime minister Yair Lapid reacted to Hamas' surprise attack on Israel on Oct. 7 by saying, "The endgame is there will be no Hamas in Gaza."

That’s what needs to happen now.

Nine years ago, during the 2014 Gaza War, also known as Operation Protective Edge, Yair Lapid stood by the very same railroad tracks that took Jews to their death in Auschwitz and affirmed Israel’s promise to protect its citizens.

I’ve included a video of his speech here.

Israel's longstanding efforts to deescalate

For those who may not remember, Operation Protective Edge was the Israeli military operation aimed at stopping ceaseless rocket fire from the Gaza Strip targeting civilian areas in Israel.

Israel's defense forces targeted strategic Hamas facilities, tunnels, weapons, and leadership for 50 days starting on July 7, 2014.

Short-lived ceasefires were repeatedly breached by Hamas.

Before the ground operation, Israel attempted to deescalate the situation with warnings to Hamas and appeals for international intervention.

When these efforts failed to stop the rocket attacks, some of which were supplied by Iran, Israel entered Gaza to protect its citizens from further harm, recognizing Hamas' true goal of eliminating Jews from the world.

Though it’s too late for Laor Abramov and Itay Glisko, and perhaps for Edan Alexander, let this video and Yair Lapid’s words serve as a tribute to the dead and missing and serve as a commitment to do what Israel finally has to do.

End Hamas and its bloodlust for Jews once and for all.

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