Judi Franco is speaking up to corporate via carefully worded memo  to address some concerns she has with the way NJ 101.5 has been operating.  Keep reading to find out what she has taken issue with.

Judi noticed that Townsquare Media's corporate website labels its employees by number. This is an issue only a Judi Franco memo can fix.

Below is Judi Franco's letter to management:

Dear Townsquare Media PTB (Powers that Be),

Recently, I checked the website Exponent HR and found, to my horror, that I have been assigned the employee number 118332. I have several issues with this number in particular and the mode of assignment in general and I feel compelled to address these issues here.


I resent being identified by a number as I find it extremely objectifying. After all, Townsquare Media Corporate BigWigs, would you like it if I referred to YOU or your children as “32678”? Or , for that matter. “2817”? I think not. Makes you feel kind of cheap, doesn’t it? It does NOTHING for our collective morale to be referred to as suchUnless you are the bearer of an illustrious number such as “23” (a la Michael Jordan), 99 (Wayne Gretsky) or 34 (Charles Barkley/Walter Payton/Herschel Walker/Bo Jackson) your number is forgettable!! Aside from my loud mouth, and these annoying and mildly entertaining memos, How will I possibly be remembered here long after I am gone from these hallowed halls? Will anyone say, “Oh, remember 118332? What a lovely gal she was!!”…? Not likely. I’d prefer a number that will live in infamy!!


If I am forced to accept this outdated policy of numbering..I’d like to apply for a change in number as I am not in favor of even numbers. I find that employees who have been assigned odd numbers routinely receive preferential treatment over their even-numbered counterparts. If you doubt this, I would refer you to my friends 232667 in the sales dept, 118393 in traffic, and 382985 in promotions. THEY have have received vacations, bonuses and gift baskets galore, as well as numerous accolades for their merely mediocre work! This is patently unfair and discriminatory. I feel that 28762 suits me better. Wouldn’t you agree? .


Until this policy is amended, as a show of rebellion, your midday show here will from here on be called “The 46834 and 118332 Show.”

Many of you may recall it was the tragic hero Jean Valjean in Les Miserables who stole a loaf of bread and was forever after only referred to by his prisoner number, 24601. Also an ODD number! Coincidence? I think not.

I humbly suggest you re-think your policy of the numbering of employees. And I appreciate your consideration in this matter.

Thank You,

Judi Franco

Employee # 118332

NJ 101.5 FM Radio