Join us for a night of laughs on Tuesday night, May 16, we'll be back at the legendary Stress Factory in New Brunswick raising money for a great cause.

You've heard us talk on air about a great grass roots effort to help people with drug addictions, the CFC Loud N Clear Foundation. Lynn and Daniel Regan are amazing at what they do and they are helping real people get real results. There is a glaring gap in recovery from addiction and CFC helps fill it.

On the 16th, we are helping CFC raise money for their foundation with a night of comedy. it will be myself, Vinnie Brand, Jay Black, and host Jessica Nutt on stage. Get your tickets now at the Stress Factory as you never know what will happen when we host one of these comedy shows!

As I've been saying on air, I've been practicing a new set and the other night I performed at Joe Conklin's Comedy Night at Parxx Casino in PA. I had a good crowd opening for Jay Black but man, is Philly a tough crowd, they definitely make you work for the applause!


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