You may remember John Fugelsang as a VH1 host, or from America's Funnies Home Videos. It was Fugelsang who got to interview George Harrison in a conversation that would conclude with the former Beatles last performance.

"I was very prepped and it was the most nervous, it was the worst interview, uh, in the history of speech," Fugelsang said. "I was terrified but I was a huge fan of George and his solo career. He came in with Ravi Shankar, they were producing an album of Indian native chants at the time, and I knew if I asked about the Beatles, George would get bored and take off. So, I talked about God, meditation, what happens when you die, the soul, and he got into it. He stayed for four hours."

Fugelsang, now a comedian who's constantly appeared on Politically Incorrect, Bill Mahar called him one of his favorite comedians, will be appearing this Friday night at the Hopewell Theater in a show that I will be hosting called "Progressively Funny, John Fugelsang and Friends."

You may have the most religious family ever! Tell us about your parents:

"I have the most religious family ever that's not a conservative right-wing family," Fugelsang said. "My mother is from the south and she went right into the convent after high school. She became a nun and the nuns put her through nursing school. And then they sent her off to work in Africa with lepers. My dad was a Franciscan Brother in Brooklyn, he taught history to catholic boys. Wore the robes and the robe belt and walked around like the Lost Jedi of Flatbush."

What made you get into political comedy, which is a pretty risky business for someone who's in the business of being liked by everyone?

"Well, the first time I saw George Carlin perform, it was on the 'Jammin' in New York' tour after the Persian Gulf War." Fugelsang said. "And I had never any comedian speak the truth with such outrage and get an entire room roaring. And it made me feel less alone and I never had a comedian do that, and I grew up admiring the guys who went out there and were truth tellers and funny."

You're worked on a TV pilot with my friends Mark Riccadonna and Don Jamieson called Radio Gods, who's your Radio God?

"I mean next to this conversation? You know somewhere between NPR and Howard Stern," Fugelsang said.

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