Well, the day you’ve all been waiting for is here. The "most important election of our time!"

Hopefully you’ve all voted already ... because as I’ve said 1,000 times before, YOU CANT VOTE IN PERSON.

The NJ Democratic State Committee is trying to make it seem like you can, but facts are facts. According to an article on InsiderNJ.com, when Assembly minority leader John Bramnick tweeted that fact, he was “spreading disinformation.

Bramnick’s tweet, which said that in-person voting is “banned” is true. Can you show up to vote today? No. (Well you can if you’re disabled, but that’s not what he’s talking about) Can you fill out a “provisional ballot?” Yes. But that may or may not be voting, since your vote may or may not be counted. Can you drop off a ballot at a polling place? Yes. But that’s doesn’t mean you’re voting. That means you ALREADY voted and they’ll collect your vote there.

Come on, we’re not morons. We know what Bramnick means when he uses the verb “voting.” The same thing that voting has always meant here in New Jersey, before Murphy decided to try his hand at voter suppression — walking into the voting booth and pulling the lever. So even though you can wait in line to pay at Walmart, or to get your license renewed, waiting to vote has been deemed too dangerous.

So yes, you are banned. The NJDSC can try to spin it any way they want but you know what they say: A rose by any other name is still as stinky.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi’s own.

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