This was the fifth year that Jimmy Kimmel had parents send in videos of them pranking their kids, telling them they ate all of their Halloween candy behind their backs. The children are reduced to tears and tantrums almost instantly.

I love Jimmy Kimmel. I interviewed him when we worked in Detroit the year the Super Bowl was there and he's an incredibly nice guy and very talented. This is the one thing every year that makes me cringe. Seeing children bawling their eyes out over what in their young minds feels like a complete violation of everything they worked for just doesn't make me laugh. Seeing the parents prodding their kids into the meltdown just so they can hear their voices on television for ten seconds is, to me, disturbing.

Again, I love Jimmy Kimmel and he has every right to do this bit. I just lack something in me that makes me find this funny. Am I alone in this? Take our poll and share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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