Would you get in an MMA octagon with a Jersey guy? Justin Bieber is trying to after challenging Tom Cruise, who graduated Glen Ridge High School. Personally I think the 56 year old Top Gun star, (the sequel Top Gun Maverick comes out June 26), will kick the crap out of the 25 year old singer. Truth be told, even Bieber thinks so. On June 13 he back peddled from his original challenge by saying that Cruise would likely “whoop my ass.” So what other Jersey guys could you see fighting it out in an Octagon?
Justin Morris - "Phil Murphy vs Steve Sweeney."

John Cryan - "Jon Stewart and Artie Lange." I was thinking more like Jon Stewart vs Bill Spadea?

Mark Karg - "Steve trev vs Dennis." Only if it were catered.

Ryan Howard - "Weedman and Dennis." That fight could take hours if Weedman lit up in his corner.

Rich Carucci - "My Grandparents."

Steven Goldberg - "Big Joe Henry and a pizza."

Peter Szewzek - "Big Bill Doyle vs. Big Joe Henry."

Andrew Satkowski - "Jim Gearhart and Craig Carton. Gearhart would kick Carton's sorry ass."

And from the Chris Christie category:

Steve Cooper - "Chris Christie and the Jersey Devil."

Scott Bluth - "Christie Todd Whitman and Chris Christie."

Chris McKelvey - "Chris Christie and Steve Trevelise." He's got to be wearing his Dallas Cowboys jersey.

Irv Slifkin - "Springsteen/Bonjovi."

Michael Hawk - "Bruce Willis and Queen Latifah."

Mike Folk - "Booker/Sweeney."

Hershel Horn - "Sarah Palin vs Joe Biden (special guest ref, Uncle Floyd.)"

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