What started out as a tweet from Justin Bieber challenging Tom Cruise to fight MMA in an octagon has picked up enough traction to where Cruise may actually do it!

According to TMZ, 25-year-old Bieber has agreed to fight the 56 year Cruise, a graduate of Glen Ridge High School, who's in great shape and performs his own stunts in his movies, in a conference call which included UFC's Dana White. Betting odds have been fictitiously set with PointsBetUSA making the Top Gun star a -200 favorite while it's sister site covers.com has Bieber a +150 underdog.

Bieber himself may even see beating Cruise as "Mission Impossible." On June 13 he back peddled from his original challenge by saying that Cruise would likely “whoop my ass,” but then UFC bosses Ari Emanuel and Dana White made a move to book the big name bout. According to TMZ, the UFC reached out to Bieber’s camp and his manager said Bieber would absolutely take the fight if Cruise agreed.

Bieber tweeted out the way he'd like the fight to go.

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