Once upon a time when your song was all over television, we'd be talking about shows like "Solid Gold," "Soul Train," or "MTV Total Request Live." For Erin Bowman, who hails from Hamilton, her song "Good Time Good Life" has been heard on such TV smashes as NBC's "This Is Us," CBS's "Hawaii 5-0" and ABC's The Oscars.

Bowman joined me on New Jersey 101.5 to perform the song live and play "Jersey's Opening Lines". Afterwards, she revealed her feelings about the shows her song has been on, including "This Is Us." "The first episode got me good, I was sitting there like wait, what??" With the show already being renewed for two more years. "This is amazing" says Bowman, "It's such a great show and for "Good Time Good Life" to be on the second episode, it's so exciting and everyone is so excited to hear that because it's such a great show"

Bowman continued, "They liked the song so that's why they used it. I love the show, it hits you hard." "Good Time Good Life" was also used during the 2017 Oscars. "They used my song so much, everyone's been so good to me, I'm so excited"

Next up for Bowman, "Good Time Good Life" will be the Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Awards on March 11 followed by HBO's "Girls" on March 19, then ABC’s "Dancing With The Stars" on March 20.

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