New Jersey may be the most left state and I'm not talking democrat although That actually maybe. More people actually leave New Jersey than anywhere else. So what do you get your friend or relative who left and miss us? Here are a few suggestions.

The Homesick New Jersey scented candle..... No it doesn't smell like turnpike Exit 13 but instead candy apples, cranberries and fresh ocean air.

The totally bamboo slice of life New Jersey cutting board. Perfect for slicing the gabbagool, stick bread and fresh mozzarella you could also be receiving in the future.

Now that you got your cutting board, you're going to want to cook "Jersey" and if you didn't bring your genuine Italian grandmother with you, you're going to need a "Dishing Up New Jersey Cookbook." This will also make your new neighbors envious of what you were eating before you got there.

If you're dealing with a long distance relationship, you might want to consider the "I love you more than the miles we're apart" keychain. If you want to cement that relationship, add a key to new car.

Nothing like the "Old World Christmas Glass Blown Ornament of the Jersey Shore." Guaranteed to make you say "awww' every time you open the box.

For those who want to constantly remind someone at the coffee bar where they're from, there's the "Bitch, Please. I'm from New Jersey," which can also be taken as, "Bitch please, I'm from New Jersey." Like you're asking them to bitch so that you'll feel more at home.

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