Janine Caffrey has been Perth Amboy's School Superintendent for less than a year and the school board is going after her job

Perth Amboy New Jersey

The School Board has filed 11 allegations against Cafrey including failing to meet with school principals, misrepresenting the facts at board meetings, dividing contracts to sidestep the bidding process and bypassing he board to implement teacher assistance and councilling programs.


But there’s more to the story…It seems school board President Samuel Lebreault  is being investigated by the State Attorney Generals office amid allegations that he improperly filed an application for the federally subsidized school lunch program, which has gone missing.


Caffrey contends the board wants her out because she has co-operated with the state investigation and has refused to give school district jobs to board members friends.


Caffrey denies the school boards charges and has the backing of Mayor Wilda Diaz and one school board member Kurt Rebovich, who said she was being targeted because if her refusal to grant jobs to board member friends. What’s a jury to do????

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