Gianna Isabella from Jackson continued her journey on Fox's American Idol with a performance the judges said was good but believe she can be better.

The first 12 competitors in the top 24 performed on Wednesday night in taped performances. The judges will send home five of the contestants by the end of Thursday's show by a decision of the judges.

Judge Keith Urban said there were moments in Isabella's performance of Annie Lennox's "I Put A Spell On You" when she seemed to own the stage, but said he found her performance "inconsistent." However, Urban said he believed there is "a lot more to come."

Jennifer Lopez said the Jackson Memorial High School sophomore has "the most privileged voice" in the competition.

Harry Connick Jr. offered the most criticism and called her a "student of American Idol" who knew how to "big loud notes in the right places (so) everybody in the room claps."

He challenged her to instead "arc your performance to find as much meat as you can."


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