With good news continuing across Hollywood, it’s likely that Saturday Night Live will return to television screens soon. But… how can you get tickets to the show?

It's one of the hottest tickets in New York City.

NBC’s Saturday Night Live to Return This October

As Hollywood’s writers have resolved their strike with studios across the country, production on our favorite shows is likely to resume soon.

Of course, with Hollywood’s actors still on strike, some shows may not return as quickly as others. Luckily, however, Saturday Night Live is not one of those shows.

In fact, reports say that NBC is likely to begin production on Saturday Night Live in a matter of days. They say the show is expected to resume on television as early as October 14, though it could be October 21.

So, how can you get tickets to the show?

The Saturday Night Live Ticket Lottery Happens Every August

Unfortunately, if you want tickets to this season of the show, it appears it may be too late. All ticket requests were accepted in the month of August.

Fans hoping to get tickets to the show are to email NBC. That email address is SNLTickets@NBCUNI.com. NBC says to include your full name, email address, and why you’re a fan of the show. Click her to learn more.

Lottery winners are chosen at random throughout the season, and you cannot request a specific episode.

Unfortunately, however, entries are typically only accepted in the month of August.

Though, you can keep track of the lottery and ticketing details on NBC’s website here.

Walk-Up Tickets for Saturday Night Live May Be Available

If you’re hoping to score a ticket on the day of the show, it’s possible. NBC has a standby reservation process.

It opens on the Thursday before the show at 10 a.m. You can access that request at this link, NBC says.

“You can request up to 4 standby spots, with the option to reserve for either the 8 pm dress rehearsal *or* the 11:30 live show,” NBC says.


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