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A new Hobby Lobby is coming soon to another New Jersey location! It'll be located at 180 Route 10 in East Hanover, according to

The new Hobby Lobby will take over the former location of a closed Bed Bath & Beyond, which seems to be a growing trend amongst popular retailers. Bed Bath & Beyond stores have been shuttering their doors by the hundreds ever since the company field for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last spring.

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When will Hobby Lobby in East Hanover be open?

No word yet on when they'll open their doors, but only a couple months ago they posted job listings on job recruiting sites - so it can't be too far away.

Of course, you don't need to look too far to get your Hobby Lobby fix. The popular retail chain has 8 locations in New Jersey:

  • Howell
  • Englishtown
  • Lawrencevillle
  • North Brunswick
  • Holmdel
  • Cherry Hill
  • Iselin
  • Sicklerville

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Did Hobby Lobby acquire Bed Bath & Beyond inventory?

Seeing that this new Hobby Lobby will be taking over a closed Bed Bath & Beyond, don't be surprised if you see BB&B-looking items in the new store.

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A Hobby Lobby employee recently took to TikTok to say that Bed Bath & Beyond products have been repackaged and rebranded, and now they're flooding the shelves in Hobby Lobby stores. Where there was once only craft products, home decor and art supplies, you may now also find bath towels, Tupperware containers and bedding.

Take a look at his video down below.

Are you looking forward to the new Hobby Lobby? Have you noticed out-of-the-ordinary inventory in Hobby Lobby recently?

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