This is a REALLY cool show that all generations are looking forward to, I bet. And it's finally here.

Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks are hitting Philadelphia's Lincoln Financial Field on Friday, June 16, 2023 for their Two Icons - One Night 2023 tour.

From parking info to set times, we put together a list of EVERYTHING you need to know ahead of the show right here:

What Time Is the Billy Joel & Stevie Nicks Concert in Philadelphia?

Billy Joel And Gavin DeGraw In Concert At The MGM Grand
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The "show" starts at 6 pm, according to Lincoln Financial Field's social media posts. There is no opening act for these two superstars, however, so "the show" is more likely a DJ set to hype up the crowd, I assume.

What Time Will Stevie Nicks Hit the Stage at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia?

Stevie Nicks And The Pretenders Perform At The Forum
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Stevie Nicks has been hitting the stage around 7:15 for an electrifying setlist that runs for nearly 2 hours at earlier stops on the tour.

I'd recommend being in your seat by no later than 7:00 pm because you don't want to miss a minute of this show.

What Time Will Billy Joel Hit the Stage at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia?

ATLive 2022
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Billy Joel has been hitting the stage on this tour around 9:20 pm.

Much like Stevie Nicks, he performs an incredible setlist that lasts nearly 2 hours and spans over 20 hit songs in that time frame.

Are Tickets Still Available for Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks Philly Concert? &
How Can I get Last-minute Tickets?

Ticketmaster dropped a limited number of tickets for the show earlier in the day on Friday. You can view if any are still available by clicking here.

Additionally, tickets are available on some of the resale sites (like TickPick, StubHub and more).

What Time do the Parking Lots Open for Billy Joel & Stevie Nicks Concert at the Linc?
& How Much Does Parking Cost at Lincoln Financial Field?

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Lot K opens at 2:00 pm on the day of the show.

Parking is $35 for cars and $70 for oversized vehicles.

Unsure where to park? All parking lots in the stadium complex are open for the show so you'll have no problem finding a spot.

In fact, we've got a map posted for you here. Lots A-M are closest to the field.

Lincoln Financial Field
Lincoln Financial Field

Remember, these are CASHLESS payments only at the Linc, so you need to use your digital payment (or a credit card).

What is the Bag Policy at Lincoln Financial Field for the Two Icons - One Night Concert 2023?

The venue will follow the NFL Clear Bag policy. Bags cannot exceed 12"x6"x12" and must be clear, per the venue's policies.

Click here to read more about the bag policies at Lincoln Financial Field.

Are Umbrellas Allowed Inside Lincoln Financial Field for a Concert?

Umbrellas are NOT allowed in the venue.

You'll want to pack a poncho or raincoat if you're worried about rain, but it looks like the rain should clear out in time for the show on Friday.

Are Portable Phone Chargers Allowed in Lincoln Financial Field for a Concert?

Billy Joel In Concert - New York, New York
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Small portable phone chargers are permitted, but stadium officials say they must be no larger than the size of your cell phone.

Click here to learn more about prohibited items.

Is there Additional SEPTA Service for Billy Joel's Concert?

Photo by Noah Cote on Unsplash
Photo by Noah Cote on Unsplash

Yes, SEPTA is running extra transportation service for the concerts.

They will run ten extra Local trips on the Broad Street Line. Trains will depart Fern Rock Station every 10 minutes beginning at 6:05 pm until 8:15 pm.

PRO-TIP: You should load funds to your SEPTA Key Card before the concert. There will be pay stations when you board the train and exit the train in the Stadium Complex.

How Will the I-95 Closure Affect The Billy Joel Concert in Philadelphia?


Pack extra time if you're driving to the show from north of Philadelphia. You'll need to use one of the detours around the scene.

If you're heading to the show from the north, 95 Southbound is closed at Exit 30 (that's Cottman Avenue).

PennDOT has primary detour routes in place in the area:

I-95 Southbound: Route 63 West (Woodhaven Road), U.S. 1 South, 76 East, 676 East

OR there's a local detour in place that local detour is:

  • Exit I-95 southbound at Cottman Avenue.
  • At the end of the ramp, right on Bleigh Street.
  • Follow Bleigh to State Road, and make a left onto State.
  • Travel State Road South to Longshore Avenue.
  • Re-enter I-95 southbound at State Road and Longshore Avenue.

When you're leaving the show, the recommended detours around I-95 can be found on PENNDOT's website. 

Have a great time at the show!

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