This weekend, several Hudson Valley residents reported seeing mysterious waves and bubbles in the middle of the river with no watercraft anywhere nearby.

The Hudson Valley is home to some strange mysteries, but this one may be the weirdest yet.

Local residents were posting on social media this weekend about some strange things going on in the Hudson River on Sunday. The incident happened near the Kingston Rhinecliff bridge and was seen by several people who were confused as to what they were actually witnessing.

Sue Pelletier snapped a grainy photo of the water while traveling across the bridge just before 10am on Sunday. She described the anomaly as "the strangest waves in the middle of the river" just north of the bridge. Pelletier said it appeared that "something large was submerged" in the Hudson River.

According to other eyewitnesses, bubbles and waves were coming from the middle of the river, although there were no boats or other watercraft in the area that could have disturbed the water. The bubbles and waves in the water were about the size of a school bus, leading many to suspect that it may have been traveling under the water.

Was it a Submarine?

Earlier this year there were some mysterious sightings on the Hudson River not far from the Kingston-Rhinecliff bridge that many are convinced was a submarine. While submarines aren't known to frequent the Hudson River, a photo of the object shows a distinct tail that looks very submarine-like.

Neil Zimbaldi/Facebook
Neil Zimbaldi/Facebook

Was it Henrietta?

Four years ago, scientists discovered an enormous 14-foot-long sturgeon living deep below the Hudson River near the Mid-Hudson Bridge. The fish was detected through sonar and is estimated to weigh over 800 pounds.

A contest was held to name the fish, with the winning entry being "Henrietta". Scientists say that a fish as large as Henrietta could lay up to eight million eggs at a time, which means that even larger fish could soon be down there.


While Sturgeon usually keep to the bottom of the river, it's possible that Henrietta made a rare visit to the surface, which could have created a wake and bubbles as witnessed this weekend.

Was it the Government?

Several observers are convinced that there's a connection between this strange anomaly in the Hudson River and a recent sighting of a stealth bomber over the area. Last week, the triangle-shaped aircraft was seen in various places around the Hudson Valley.

Concerned residents again took to social media to find out why the bomber was overhead and began posting photos tracking its whereabouts.


It turns out that the stealth plane was in the Hudson Valley to troll West Point ahead of their game against Air Force on Saturday. It's highly unlikely that the strange bubbles and waves in the Hudson River seen this weekend are connected, as the Coast Guard doesn't appear to have any stake in the game.

So, What Was It?

Unfortunately, we weren't able to crack this case even though so many people claim to have seen the strange water disturbance on the Hudson River this weekend. If you happen to have witnessed the waves and bubbles or have any information as to their source, please message us through our app so we can follow up.

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