An iconic landmark that has been greeting visitors to New York since the 1980s will soon be reduced to a pile of rubble.

Anyone who's ever traveled between the Hudson Valley and northern New Jersey will recognize the Mahwah Sheraton Hotel. Located just off Route 17 and the New York State Thruway, the hotel rises from the landscape like some sort of space-age rocket.

The 24-story hotel is the tallest building in the area and has served as a beacon for those traveling between the two states. Now, sadly, it appears that it will be closing in preparation for its demolition.

When is the Mahwah Sheraton Closing For Good?

According to the New Jersey Labor Department, the hotel is slated to lay off all of its 91 workers on December 15. A search of the Mahwah Sheraton's reservation site operated by Marriot Bonvoy shows availability for rooms during the beginning of December but a search for reservations after December 14 turns up no results.

According to reports, the hotel is slated for demolition in the first few months of 2024.

Google Maps
Google Maps


What will take the place of the Mahwah Sheraton?

The town of Mahwah recently approved a redevelopment plan that would replace the hotel with two enormous warehouses. One will be over a million square feet, and the other will be just over half that size.

The site's proximity to I-87 and Route 17 makes it the perfect location for online retailers to build a giant warehouse to quickly and efficiently get items on trucks and off to customers.

According to minutes from a Township of Mahwah Planning Board meeting earlier this month, the approval from the Township includes a requirement for the developers to also construct affordable housing. There are currently housing units proposed to be built further south on Ridge Road.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The end of an era

News of the demolition of the Mahwah Sheraton has reached social media, with many local residents expressing sorrow over its closing.  For almost four decades, the hotel has been a part of the local area's skyline. The hotel was completely updated in 2010 and offers incredible views of the surrounding area. Former employees, visitors and those who just love the beauty of the iconic hotel say they will be sad to see it go.

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