Steve Marchel has such a profound respect for history.

Marchel is the owner of The Water Dog Smoke House, located in Ventnor, New Jersey.

For example, in the past, Marchel introduced “The Lou’s” … paying direct homage to the legendary Lou’s Restaurant in Ventnor.

Marchel’s “The Lou’s” is his recreation of the high-stacked, ”Lou’s Restaurant” corned beef sandwich. It rivals any version that you can find in New York, or, other major city delicatessen.

Now, Marchel has once again gone back to his childhood days and he has brought back the closest thing you’ll ever see in the year 2024 … to the iconic “Lenny’s Hot Dogs,” that was located on Washington and Atlantic Avenues in Margate … right near Lucy The Elephant.

We caught-up with Marchel yesterday about his newest menu item:

I’m always drawn to food from the the bygone days of my youth; pre-Internet and cell phones, and days filled adventures on our bikes, at the fields and beach and times when parents allowed their kids to be out without the fears we currently have. No food brings all of that freedom and fun together more than hangin' at Lennys Hot Dogs in Margate with my friends in the mid-1970's, said Marchel.

Marchel vividly remembers riding his bike in the summer of 1975, with his friend Al.

“After we finished playing a ballgame on the Jerome Avenue Senior League Field. We still have our uniforms on, as we head to Stewarts on Douglas and Ventnor, to see if any girls are hangin-out. Pretty quiet there, so we head to Lenny's Hot Dogs on Washington and Atlantic to grab some post-game grub and check out the scene’ said Marchel.

Marchel continued …

“Al gets 2 "surf n turfs," which were a Lennys dog w a Mrs Smith's fish cake mashed on it. (He loved that combo!) | opt for a pair of dogs w mustard n kraut. We both ask for extra PEPPER HASH, Lenny's now famous condiment of chopped pickled cabbage and pepper, in a sweetened vinegar base. It remains the best condiment to top a dog Ive had,” said Marchel.

The Water Dog is now featuring a pepper hash that Marchel describes is so reminiscent of Lennys' Hash, “that I can barely distinguish it from the taste of that memory from 1975 on our bikes at Lennys in Margate,” said Marchel.

The Water Dog version is Beef Sabrett Hot Dogs, topped with Dusseldorf Mustard and their Pepper Hash … or, any other way you like it.

Marchel promises to transport you back to The “Lenny's Hot Dog’s” vibe of circa 1975.

Bon appétit.

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SOURCE: Steve Marchel, The Water Dog Smoke House.

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