New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has declared that the state's School Funding Formula will be fully funded for the 2024-25 Fiscal School Year.  But the reality is that despite $11.7 billion being committed to New Jersey schools, numerous schools around the state are losing state funding.

According to the State of New Jersey Department of Education's State Aid Summaries, 63 School Districts in South Jersey will be losing State Funding during the next School Year. The only South Jersey County with zero School Districts having their State Aid cut is Cumberland County.

These are the total School Districts in each South Jersey County that is losing New Jersey DOE Funding for the upcoming 2024-25 Fiscal Year:

*Atlantic County: 11
*Camden County: 11
*Cape May County: 10
*Gloucester County: 9
*Ocean County: 17
*Salem County: 5

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy
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Those numbers seem to be the opposite of the claims by Governor Phil Murphy saying that New Jersey is making "investments in education".  When Clifton City School District in Passaic County is getting an 8.4 Million Dollar increase in State Aid while Runnemede is seeing a decrease of $4.1 Million in State Aid, independent observers are left with questions about this Funding Formula.

Here are the Atlantic County School Districts that will lose NJDOE State Aid for the 2024-25 School Year:

-Brigantine: -$99,690
-Corbin City: -$69,938
-Estell Manor: -$155,548
-Galloway Twp: -$97,994
-Linwood City: -$174,118
-Longport: -$11,231
-Mainland Regional: -$1,412,716
-Margate City: -$19,926
-Northfield City: -$812,633
-Somers Point: -$1,135,459
-Ventnor City: -$111,879

Photo by CDC on Unsplash
Photo by CDC on Unsplash

These are the Cape May County School Districts that will lose NJDOE State Aid for the 2024-25 School Year:

-Cape May Point: -$1,268
-Dennis Twp: -$106,046
-Lower Cape May Regional: -$103,170
-Lower Twp: -$136,100
-Middle Twp: -$628,919
-North Wildwood: -$35,549
-Sea Isle City: -$32,266
-Stone Harbor: -$1,486
-Upper Twp: -$507,534
-Wildwood City: -$723,821

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