What does the TV series Gilmore Girls have to do with a city in New Jersey being named one of the best in the nation for celebrating Fall? Keep reading and find out.

Hmm. Stars Hollow isn't in New Jersey, it's in Connecticut. So, why is the town where Gilmore Girls takes place factoring into a list of the best places in the U.S. to enjoy Fall?


Recently, PlayStar conducted a study with the goal of ranking the best and worst cities in country to get into the Fall spirit.

All rankings included in Playstar's study were based on the following Fall-themed criteria:
  • What fun Fall activities are there to do? (i.e. Going pumpkin picking; grabbing a Pumpkin Spiced Latte from a local Starbucks)
  • Which cities are the most beautiful during this season? (Based on those w/the most Fall foliage and the most Instagrammable spots.)
  • How many of the city's residents fall into Fall by watching the series Gilmore Girls?

I've never seen Gilmore Girls. However, my mom watches it often, and so I can see how Stars Hollow could almost be a jumping off point for seasonal adventures. The fictional town certainly gives off holiday vibes.

According to Playstar, about HALF of all Gilmore Girls episodes take place during autumn. That's why so many binge-watch during the fall season.

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In fact, Jersey City, New Jersey accounts for the 3rd highest search volume for Gilmore Girls in the United States.

Playstar also finds that Jersey City is interested in pumpkin patches more than any other city in the nation. Who knew?


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