Drive through any neighborhood here in the Garden State and you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't have something to complain about. It's understandable. For one, most Jersey neighborhoods have people living on top of each other. Sure, some people have decent acreage, but most people have less than a half an acre. Usually, you're lucky if you have .25 acres on your plot.

It's great to live in a neighborhood with a lot of people when you have kids. For one, you don't have to drive your kids anywhere else to trick-or-treat. You make friends with your neighbors and develop a sort-of family-friend group with your favorite people from your little bubble. Those kinds of neighborhoods are wonderful and here in the Garden State, we have A LOT of those.

Of course, with people living that close to each other, tensions can run high sometimes.

That's especially true when you get the kids involved.

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If you live in a development, you're not supposed exceed 25 miles per hour when driving through it. There are usually kids at play, so the goal is to keep them safe. Speed demons are not welcome in most developments here in New Jersey.

One family from Jackson, Ocean County, made that perfectly clear after they put a light-up sign in their yard that warned people not to be "a******S". Listen, if you're going to be that idiot that's going to barrel down a street where kids can usually be seen playing, then you definitely deserve it.

Sources report that neighbors living around Short Hills Blvd and Mill Pond Road aren't exactly thrilled with the sign blinking at all hours of the night, but personally, if it means people will think twice about speeding through a neighborhood where kids frequently spend time outside, then maybe the sign did its job. Hopefully, the family doesn't keep it up forever.

Some people believe the police may need to get involved.

Read the full story for yourself HERE.

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