It's absolutely sickening that we're in 2024 and people still have the nerve to treat animals as if they're no better than garbage.

How can anyone even fathom leaving an animal helpless and alone, basically issuing the poor creature a death sentence that's impossible for it to escape? Unfortunately, even here in New Jersey, it happens every single day.

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The latest incident happened in an apartment community located in Deptford, Gloucester County.

German Shepherd found tied to fence

Thank goodness some people still have hearts. If it weren't for the Good Samaritan that freed the poor pup, this thing would still be there. Someone shared to Facebook that a German Shepherd dog had been ditched in the development of Steeplechase off of Almonesson Road. The poor thing was tied up along a fence with no way to defend itself or find food.

It was clear to the person who discovered the dog that it had been abandoned there.

Luckily, both the police and animal control were contacted and the dog is now safe and dry.

The complex did attempt to contact all residents to let them know that the dog had been found in case anybody was missing their pet. As of now, no owner has stepped forward to claim the Shepherd pup.

If interested in rehoming this beautiful dog, reach out the Gloucester County Animal Shelter.

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