The rent for an apartment in Western New York is a record high. Look at some of these very average apartments that are available to rent in Western New York and their prices. People were mad looking at some of these prices and you can't blame them.

Now, I say average, not because they're good or bad looking, but because it is not like you are getting a 3000+ square foot house for over two thousand dollars. It is all about what you love to. For example: do you want a duplex? Do you want to live in a complex with a pool? Do you want a private driveway or a private backyard? There are so many factors when choosing the perfect spot for you to live.

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Some people probably have mortgages that are that much. But, not all of us are that lucky.

The interest rate is still very high to buy a home. Experts hopefully will have good news when officials meet in March. You have to see how expensive some of these apartments are.

This is a crazy stat. There are more renters in Western New York than actually owner-occupied apartments or houses in Buffalo, New York. Now, this is strictly Buffalo and not all of Western New York. The average rent is $1,285 a month and the average apartment is less than 800 square feet, according to $1,285.

  • 67,636 or 57% of the households in Buffalo, NY are renter-occupied while 50,435 or 43% are owner-occupied.
  • The oldest home in Western New York is turning 214 years old and you've probably passed it a ton and never realized.

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