It seems we are getting more recall alerts and scam alerts than ever. Here in New York State, law and government officials are constantly monitoring these and hunting down those who try to take identity or money from people.

As the prices of things are off the charts these days, consumers are on high alert for two things; being overcharged and finding a discount. For some shoppers, they may not even know when they have paid too much. For them, there is some good news this week.

There are reports this week that Walmart is going to have to refund a big amount of cash to some shoppers after a recent investigation in to their prices.

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According to reports, you may be getting as much as $500 back from Walmart! Good Morning America and ABC report that, "The company, which has denied any wrongdoing, was accused of overcharging customers for sold-by-weight items such as meat, poultry, pork, seafood and bagged citrus fruit at Walmart locations across the U.S. and Puerto Rico between Oct. 19, 2018".

How can you get a refund from Walmart? You will have to do some work to get your money back from Walmart and there is a form online you will need to fill out.

With a presidential election happening this fall, we may see prices change and perhaps more opportunities to get some cash.

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