How will the government fight inflation and the financial struggle that we are facing here in New York State? When we started the new year just six weeks ago, the minimum wage was raised and there are plans in place for another bump over then next few years.

Perhaps your own family is trying to find was to cut spending or stay within your budget. As prices go up for just about everything, that is becoming harder and harder to do. Combine the high prices with high interest rates and it could mean that your family is starting to struggle?

But some law makers are trying to come up with a plan to fight back and it could be a larger bump in pay than anyone expected. Can you imagine making as much as $50 per hour?

Here in New York State, the raise in pay has gone up as of January 1st.

It may sound crazy to think that $50 per hour could be possible. But like many other negotiations and government action, it could be that law makers meet halfway?

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