Comedian Julia Scotti, a transgendered woman, was so upset when the Secaucus Boy Scouts would not allow 8-year-old transgender boy Joe Maldonado in, that she sent me an e-mail about it.

Now that the Boy Scouts policy has changed, the "America's Got Talent" finalist called Tuesday night to give her thoughts on the change.

"I'm really happy. It happened a lot quicker than I thought," Julia said. "I liked the Girl Scout uniforms better."

Julia also discussed the age at which she believes a child knows what their sexuality is.

"It's not about the genitalia, it's about the things you liked as a boy," she said.

When asked if Joe's sexuality could change as he gets older, Julia said, "it may happen, I don't think it will. If a kid were to lose interest, it would happen in a week or two, but this kid, it's been over a year."

Julia, who came out as transgender, said "more and more people are coming out earlier and I think that's wonderful."

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