President Joe Biden has spent the first week of his presidency undoing many things that marked President Donald Trump's legacy. One of those things is signing an executive order reversing the ban of transgender people serving in the military.

I never really understood why we needed such a ban. If someone is transgendered and has a military calling to serve their country, they should be able to do so, knowing the risks they'll have to deal with just like anyone else who signs up.

Comedian Julia Scotti, a transgender woman, called into New Jersey 101.5's Steve Trevelise to give her thoughts.

"I'm very happy on so many levels," Scotti said when she called in. "President Biden is doing exactly what he said he was gonna do and I appreciate that. My big concern is that, yes, we're good for another four years. But what happens when we get another lunatic in the White House who wants to overturn it? And so, we're playing this sort of gender 'Pong' kind of thing going on. I hope that's not gonna be the norm."

Imagine the emotional heartache and prejudice someone deals with transitioning in this country, and yet still wants to serve and defend it.

"Look, they've had a hard time in the service. I feel bad for the people that were in. The people who wanted to join, you shouldn't be denied the right to live and die for your country, if that's what you choose to do."

What advice would you give to those serving in the military now for when the ban is lifted?

"It doesn't matter whether you're in the service or not in the service, if you're transgender in this country somebody is always out to get you. Somebody's always trying to keep you from doing something. If you're in the service, you're in the military, do the best job you can do, just like you would do in daily life. I am so proud of the people who, of all the people in the military, not just the trans folks. But particularly the trans folks because I can't even begin to imagine how difficult it had to be for them. Especially if they transitioned while they were in the service."

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