Thousands of parents came out to the New Jersey State House to make their feelings known about the vote that would eliminate the religious exemptions for vaccines for public school children.

They bonded, shared their stories with each other, many of which were about how they say their children were affected by vaccines they were already given, and mostly they united trying to convince those politicians going inside to vote against this freedom stripping idea. This time they won.

Parents 1, Politicians 0.

For many, this is not a vaccine issue as much as it's a freedom issue. Our country was built on freedom of religion. Many of our loved ones died defending that right. To chip at it for any reason should never be allowed.

As for the idea of not allowing unvaccinated children in public schools, the New Jersey Compulsory Education law says that children must go to school from ages 6-16. It should be incumbent on the state to provide a school if they're not going to do that, then those not allowed shouldn't have to pay their school tax. How about that?

Another problem I have with this is the fact that the vaccine companies are not liable should anything happen to your child as a result of them, which is the only real immunity guaranteed from vaccines. God forbid something should happen to your child as a result of the vaccines, which we have more of than ever before, you're left with the expenses and they get to go on possibly making more children sick. Do politicians see nothing wrong with that?

We have more vaccines now than ever before. We also have more information available to us now and can make more informed decisions. Thousand of people at the State House made their decision known and it did sink in as the vote was not taken, but the fight is not over. It will be put up again for a vote and the process will start all over again so you must stay on your legislators and let them know how you feel and how you will vote should they screw this up.

State Senate President Steve Sweeney and his politicians are not going to give up trying to remove one of our basic religious freedoms. Fortunately neither are the parents. Since we're a state where betting is legal, I'm taking the parents and the over. By that I'm hoping that this will be over for good.

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