Aaron Neuman, in an editorial in the Lakewood scoop last week made a good catch. And one that a lot of people missed. And in one quote from this week’s press conference, I think governor Murphy is telling us all we need to know.

Remember way back when, before Election Day, when Governor Murphy was acting like a regular guy? Just one of us, who was just so ready to go back to pre-COVID days that he felt there was no need for “draconian“ mandates and the like. Then, there were the explosive Project Veritas videos that came out, showing his campaign aids admitting that the minute the election was over, things were going to get tough. I have no doubt that’s exactly what’s going to happen and Neuman caught the clue: At his Monday press conference, the governor said this, “You’ve seen what California is—The direction they’re headed. Colorado. New York City. I think you can assume that that’s a direction we’re going to be headed in.”

What? Did nobody understand what that meant? What do all of those places have in common? Tough vaccine mandates and vaccination passports and tough restrictions on the non-vaxxed. It’s not like it’s surprising. It’s just that it’s so soon after the election. I thought the governor might want us to have a period of time—maybe just a moment—where he acted as though he really believed what he was saying before the election. That he heard the discontent expressed through his almost-upset. But now that he’s in again, why would he care?

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