'Givenor' Phil Murphy in his daily dog and pony show disguised as a public health briefing, laid out his latest "allowances" for us poor slobs who live under his rule.

In Wednesday's version of "Do As I Say Not As I Do," he proclaimed that he will allow some more businesses and activities to resume on July 2. Among them are bowling alleys, shooting ranges, batting cages, museums, arcades and museums.

Fitness centers for individual training sessions, the kind no doubt his yacht club crowd attends, can open, but not regular gyms for regular gym activity. Why not? What's the data here to explain that? There is no data, jut spite.

He didn't like it when that scrappy gym owner in South Jersey, Ian Smith of Atilis Gym, defied him publicly on a national stage a month ago. He made sure the entire weight of the state and local government came down on that guy and anyone like him. So now all gyms must suffer due to the insolent behavior of one of their own. There take that you blue collar, muscle bound morons. That'll teach you to mess with the Emperor.

When pressed on what data he is using to make his decision, both by our newsroom and legislative members of his own party, he refused to reveal what that is. If acting like a ruthless autocrat gets the job done, then that's what he'll do. Don't let the awkward, strange smile and calm demeanor fool you. Like every other wealthy, powerfully tyrant, he ain't playin' around. Except for when it comes to living our lives as free Americans.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis' own.

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