The deadline is coming in October. That's when you'll need the new federal government sanctioned 'Real ID' when boarding a domestic flight. Your current regular driver's license won't do. You will however be able to use your valid passport for domestic and of course overseas flights. You will also need the new ID if you plan on going into a federal building or a military facility. Up until this week, you needed to make an appointment at select NJMVC offices to get one. As of Wednesday (2/5/20) you can walk in and apply IF your driver's license expires in the next three months. But you'll have to do it between the 5th and 20th of the month.

I got mine back in December when it was about to expire. The process was slightly more detailed than the process for a regular driver's license. Check out the NJMVC website for exact details. They expect a big rush in late summer and early fall due to the deadline, but like I said, unless you don't have a passport and intend to fly or need to go to federal facilities, relax.

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