🔴An Indian restaurant is set to open in the heart of Red Bank this month

🔴Saffron combines offers traditional cuisine with a modern twist

🔴 The menu also plans to cater to everyone's dietary needs

RED BANK — An authentic Indian restaurant located in the heart of this Monmouth County town invites the community to celebrate its grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday, Dec. 15.

Saffron, located at 31 West Front Street (formerly Front Street Trattoria) in Red Bank offers a modern twist on traditional Indian cuisine with an elevated dining experience, new-age culinary techniques, artful presentation, and contemporary design.

Saffron, a dark yellow aromatic material obtained from fresh blossoms, a spice that adds a golden hue and flavor to any cuisine, was inaugurated by its first-ever restaurant in the historic Third Ward of Downtown Milwaukee, co-owned by Fatima Kumar and Hanish Kumar.

Saffron co-owners, Amrita Jogi and Manish Kumar
Saffron co-owners, Amrita Jogi and Manish Kumar

After years of research and planning, Monmouth County-based locals and owners, Amrita Jogi and Manish Kumar, along with Executive Chef Abhishek Patil, worked together to find an exquisite space and develop a menu that pushes the boundaries of Indian cuisine by incorporating Western techniques and flavors and blending them with the traditional spice and aromas.

The newly renovated 1,700 sq ft space with over 70 seats will showcase the luxury of old-world Indian royalty. The interior design features accents of gold, hand-painted murals, and marble tables, which were hand-selected to give this space a modern facelift.

“From the beginning, our vision was clear. We wanted guests to transport to a new experience that will make them feel they traveled to India,” said Chef Patil.

Saffron, Red Bank
Saffron, Red Bank

The menu he has created uses non-traditional ingredients while incorporating futuristic technology and plating methods that invite guests to interact with the food.

Saffron will also cater to a variety of dietary needs by offering organic, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, halal, and kosher options.

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