It's not often that you have two candidates with a more stark contrast than the two men running for president. Yes, I've been a supporter of President Donald Trump since early 2016. And yes, I have called him out for some things that I disagree with — like his trashing Sweden despite the fact that Anders Tegnell got it totally right, evidenced by the flattened curve, near-zero excess deaths compared to 2019 and no second wave.

I don't like that the president provides Dr. Anthony Fauci with cover by talking about the potential of 2 million deaths. That was NEVER accurate. I would like to see the president stop the mask-wearing absurdity among his staff. I would like to see the president sign the "Great Barrington Declaration" and stand up for common sense with the 10s of thousands of docs who have had the courage to stand up. But no one is perfect and the president has to balance what he's doing with the fact that there are still millions of Americans scared to death of a disease that likely won't make them sick, let alone kill them. But he's doing so many things right, it's clear the nation needs him to stay in the White House for at least the next four years.

A vote for Biden is a vote for a "dark winter" ... Joe Biden's words at the last debate. That means lockdowns, distance, isolation, depression, economic devastation and continued violence in our cities against people, businesses and cops. The Democrats are focused on crushing American spirit by keeping up isolated and compliant. A vote for Trump means actual reliance on science, choice when it comes to vaccines and economic prosperity. A vote for Trump means backing our law enforcement members. A vote for Trump means lower taxes, support for our veterans and small business economy. A vote for Trump is a vote to return to the American normal. It's a clear choice. I hope you agree.

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