A law that puts the burgeoning vaping industry in New Jersey’s crosshairs took affect today. Like a lot of New Jersey laws, this is a law that intends to punish many for the sake of the few.

The law is called the “tobacco and vapor product tax act.” And tax it does! Legislators have been salivating at the thought of punishing this industry since its very beginnings here in the state. After all, New Jersey doesn’t like the idea of small businesses who flourish with very little restriction or regulation from the statehouse. Not to mention the government getting too small a piece of the revenue pie!

The new law will impose draconian licensing regulations as well as a 10% tax on the sale of e-liquid, which hasn’t even been proven to be harmful. This measure will not only harm small businesses, but also those people that are actually using vaping to try to get off cigarettes.

And not only is this law misguided, it’s also premature. Nobody really knows what has caused the deaths due to vaping that have been reported (and overblown) in the news media. Leave it to New Jersey to jump on any so-called "tragedy" and try to make a buck off it.

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