I normally hate new laws and especially the feel good ones that NJ has had to live with and suffer through. This time, though, a bipartisan measure signed into law is a good idea for all of us. The words “task force” usually make my skin crawl, because that usually amounts to mental masturbation by legislators whose energy could be better uses elsewhere.

But Monday, Gov. Phil Murphy signed into law legislation that establishes an autonomous vehicle task force. Sponsored by Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean, this task force is not only important but a necessary step in securing our safety with a rapidly evolving technology.

Self-driving cars are an inevitable part of our society’s future and we are at the precipice of their being here. We need to know sooner than later how to navigate this new phenomenon. We need to understand the technology, make recommendations on laws, rules, and regulations that we should adopt to safely adapt to advanced autonomous vehicles on our roads. This is exciting and challenging and I’m happy that NJ will be a pioneer in the readiness to integrate this technology into our great state.

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