Who says big business doesn’t care about the little guy? In times like these some big companies are really stepping up when it comes to helping their overworked and downtrodden employees. Although many New Jersey workers have recently become unemployed or have their hours cut drastically, those who are still working or working under difficult circumstances.

In many cases they have increased workloads, an understandably agitated customer base and are putting their health at risk so that the rest of us can still purchase what we need to during the crisis. Whether it’s a few dollars more an hour or more paid sick time, many companies are doing their part to help their employees through the tough times. Below are just a few examples of those companies and what they’re doing to help. It’s encouraging to know that some employers really do care.

According to a press release, CVS is not only hiring thousands of new employees in various positions throughout the company but areProviding Bonuses ranging from $150 to $500, and adding benefits like expanded child and dependent care and increased paid sick time.

According their website, Target is giving full- and part-time hourly workers a two dollar an hour raise and target is also offering those in the high-risk category for coronavirus (those of age 65 or older, pregnant or with underlying medical conditions) the option to receive up to 30 days of paid leave if they can’t work during the crisis.

Weis Markets, which has stores in Newton, Franklin, and Hackettstown, is offering a boost in pay, too, according to an article in the NJ Herald. All hourly retail employees will be paid an additional $2 per hour during the emergency COVID-19 shutdown.

Walmart is doing its part to help it’s employees, too. Including temporary NBC two dollar an hour pay increases for all hourly associates in it’s e-commerce centers, and $250 bonuses for new hire referrals. Both the employee and his referral will receive the bonus.

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