The state Department of Transportation has just completed another training exercise for people who respond to emergencies on the road: police, firefighters, medical service workers, tow-truck operators and others. It was held Sept. 25 at the Camden County College Fire Training Academy.

DOT spokesman Steve Schapiro says it's all about roadside safety.

"This traffic incident management training is specifically for what happens when there is an accident or a crash on a highway and you have different responders coming and how they work together to secure the scene and take care of the folks that might be involved," he said.

The goal is to provide medical help to the victims and get the road opened as quickly as possible to help other drivers.

"Whenever there is a crash on the highway, you have a lot of different personnel from a lot of different agencies that are going to respond," Schapiro said. That includes employees from the Department of Transportation.

To date, the agency has trained more than 17,000 emergency first responders. The eight-hour course covers classroom and hands-on outdoor exercises.

Schapiro said drivers who happen upon an accident scene must also do their part to enhance safety.

"Please move over. Give them plenty of room to work if there is a crash scene or incident on a roadway. We always ask that you use caution."

Joe Cutter is the senior news anchor on New Jersey 101.5

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