Gov. Phil Murphy will decide on May 15 whether to open New Jersey schools.

Based on his timetable for reopening the state in general, which is nonexistent, I'd say that's not going to happen. One thing that should happen either way is high school graduation ceremonies. There's no reason why they can't have as many as they need to maintain social distancing.

I feel so bad for these kids being robbed of a chance to get their diplomas in front of their friends and families, and all the celebration and ceremony that goes with it. Also, I'm not sure why people feel the need to post THEIR graduation pictures as a show of support or solidarity. To me that just looks like rubbing it from some who want to show the world what they looked like "back in the day." Like these kids really care.

What they do care about is a graduation ceremony, and it could be held with multiple small ceremonies where everyone maintains social distancing. Kids can wear caps, gowns, and masks, and ceremonies can be shared on school websites so that friends and family can see. Each graduate would only be allowed to have his or her parents plus one sibling attend, all wearing masks and they can be spaced out.

It may not be the ideal situation, but at least it's better than what they have now, which is nothing. Toms River Regional School Superintendent Davis M. Healy has guaranteed to the class of 2020 that they will have a graduation ceremony. Rather than have it at a later date, when everyone has moved on, why not do it now?

Senator Michael Doherty has a plan to have outdoor church services in New Jersey, which I agree with, and if that can be done so can this. These poor seniors have been robbed of most of the precious memories and friendships that come with senior year. They didn't get a prom, nor anytime to spend with their friends, many of whom they may never see again. Let's not cap it off by robbing them of their graduation.

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