Remember all the hoopla about the spring breakers in Florida continuing their week of partying despite strong recommendations from the government and their families to remain home? How about the "If I get Corona, I get Corona" guy?

This may jog your memory:

Late last week, a tech company called Tectonix released a video supposedly showing the real potential impact of ignoring social distancing, and it used the infamous Florida Spring Breakers as an example.

As the company says in the video's description: "We ran an analysis using data from Xmode Social to see the travel paths of anonymized mobile devices that were active at Spring Break at one single Fort Lauderdale beach. As the map shows, the footprint of social gatherings like these can be massive and put our whole nation at risk!"

The simulation collected the data from earlier this month, right around the time when people were really starting to get uneasy about being in public spaces. Now fast forward to this past weekend. Hundreds of Americans are dying by the day, more and more confirmed coronavirus cases pouring in around the state, region, and country, and President Trump extending social distancing guidelines to April 30. Yet police say there were two more social gatherings broken up in Lakewood, and a Ewing man was busted for having a "Corona Party" with about 40 people in a small apartment.

So if you take the lesson of the Tectonix simulation above and apply it to the locations in question in Ewing, Lakewood, as well as any other unauthorized NJ gatherings that were not widely reported, you can see just what your own neighbors are doing to keep us in danger. Remember, the virus doesn't move. People do. If you isolate yourselves like most of the people on Earth are doing and recommending, we have a chance to make it out of this ordeal with some balance.

What more evidence do you need that you should stay home? Does your own mother have to die? Does your place of employment need to close down for good? Governor Murphy just today said he expected New Jersey to run out of ICU beds by Wednesday, if not for the efforts being made to stop the spread. That sounds bad doesn't it? Now imagine how much worse it would be if more and more people start to ignore social distancing protocol?


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