When you have a non-profit program created by a recovering addict that has a 95% success rate, why aren't we putting more public resources behind it?

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Drug addiction is a powerful thing and it's a tough thing to hear or more importantly, accept and deal with. It not only affects those who are addicted but their families and loved ones as well. This morning we heard some powerful stories about addiction and just how low people can sink before getting help.

Daniel Regan, who started an amazing program CFC Loud & Clear, spoke about how far he fell before getting help. "I didn't see any worth about living. I didn't see any worth about myself. I thought I was defective, there was no fixing me," Regan said.

Regan finally broke that cycle of addiction only when his mother finally flew out to California to find him. "She found me in an abandoned hotel, kicked in the door and pulled me out of there, Regan stated. Regan said he was in such a deep psychosis, that he was fortunate that he was forced into a treatment center that finally turned his life around.

Now, clean and sober, Regan puts the same effort into helping others recover that his mom put into helping him. "The program that we have made is basically a jump start to your new life. It's going to give you that support system, family, that push that you need."

Listen to Daniel's entire powerful interview with me in the clip below.



Daniel's call was the catalyst for reformed users, as well as family of those who have been addicted, to call in and share their stories as well. Below is an anonymous caller who stated that getting arrested and having to admit to his family that he was an addict was his rock bottom moment. Listen to the call below.

Caller Ron in Flemington is an EMS worker and thinks that the rehabilitation process isn't enough. Ron believes there needs to be higher accountability for those users to truly break the cycle of drug addiction.


A mom named Leah, tells how the drug Narcan saved both her kids' life and how she even stays away from any type of painkillers, telling the doctors "don't put a band aid on it, fix me." Listen to her call below.

If you would like more information on getting help for yourself or for someone you know who is addicted, visit http://www.healingus.org/ for more information.