🚨 A shoplifting attempt occurred at The Home Depot in Hamilton Township

🚨 In an attempt to escape the driver dragged a police officer

🚨 Four suspects were eventually taken into custody

HAMILTON — A police officer trying to stop four shoplifting suspects at a Home Depot in Hamilton, Mercer County, was dragged by the getaway car, police said.

The incident unfolded on Tuesday, Nov. 7 at around 3:35 p.m. Three officers responded to a shoplifting in progress at the Home Depot on Route 130.

The officers approached the vehicle in the parking lot and one of them, Officer Tim Young ordered the driver, Daray L. Wesby out of the car. When Wesby exited the vehicle, the front-seat passenger, Eric D. Murphy, jumped into the driver’s seat and attempted to take off, police said.

Young tried to stop Murphy by grabbing him. But Murphy put the car into drive and dragged Young, going backward and forward numerous times, officials said. Young was able to gain control of Murphy and arrest him.

Once the vehicle was stopped, the rear-seat passenger, Michael C. Brown got out of the vehicle and ran away, officials said. But he was chased down and arrested, police said.

During this altercation, the original driver, Wesby also fled on foot towards Route 130, officials said.

Brown and Murphy were charged with aggravated assault, resisting arrest, and shoplifting. They were being held at the Mercer County Corrections Center.

Wesby was issued a summons for obstructing the administration of law.

During this event, some of the shoplifted items were dropped in the parking lot and picked up by Stephanie L. Diaz, who tried to return the items for a refund, officials said.

She was turned away because she didn’t have a receipt. She then left the Home Depot with the items. Diaz was charged with shoplifting.

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