There's a summer bounty of locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables that are on your grocer's shelves right now.


There's nothing like a Jersey tomato.
Getty Images / Shawn Gallup

I just paid a visit to the "Jersey Fresh" website

I've compiled some information from the New Jersey Department of Agriculture on when to purchase specific vegetables and fruits, grown in the Garden State.  Believe me, it's not by chance that New Jersey's nickname is the Garden State.

First a few facts about our agriculture.

There are 9,071 farms in New Jersey.

Our state has over 715,000 acres of farmland.

New Jersey's agriculture industry grosses 1.14 billion dollars a year.

Wow!  Our farmers have to be doing something right.

Just for the record, the New Jersey Department of Agriculture did not include any type of melon on their list.

So, here we go when our crops are at their peak.


* Apples-  September 1st through October 31st

* Blackberries-  July 10th through August 10th

* Blueberries- June 20th through August 15th

* Cherries- June 10th through June 25th

* Cranberries- September 20th through November 10th

* Grapes- August 25th through September 30th

* Peaches and nectarines- July 5th through September 15th

* Pears- August 1st through September 10th

* Plums- July 1st through September 1st

* Raspberries- July 1st through October 15th

* Strawberries- May 20th through June 25th


* Asparagus- April 23rd through June 25th

* Beets- June 1st through November 30th

* Broccoli- June 20th through November 1sr

* Cabbage- June 1st through November 15th

* Cauliflower- September 1st through December 5th

* Collards- May 15th through November 20th

* Cucumbers- June 25th through September 15th

* Eggplant- July 10th through October 15th

* Lettuce- May 15th through November 30th

* Lima beans- July 10th through October 31st

* Onions- June 25th through September 30th

* Peas- May 20th through July 5th

* Peppers- July 5th through November 5th

* Potatoes- July 10th through October 15th

* Pumpkins- September 15th through October 31st

* Squash- June 15th through September 30th

* Spinach- April 15th through June 30th

* Sweet corn- July 1st through September 25th

And finally, those great Jersey tomatoes- July 5th through October 15th

It's all good and real healthy.  Enjoy!