As we hit the final day of campaigning, the race for Governor is being called one of the least exciting races in state history.

Joseph Sinnott/NJTV
Joseph Sinnott/NJTV

"We can attribute most of the nothingness about this campaign to the fact that Governor Christie has typically led the race often-times by more than 20 points. State Senator Buono's campaign never really gained traction, she never really captured voters imaginations," said Montclair State University Political Science Professor Dr. Brigid Harrison.

She pointed out Governor Christie has played it very cool the entire campaign.

"He used what we call a Rose Garden strategy," said Dr. Harrison. "He intentionally did not engage her and give her any unwarranted attention. It's a very cautious strategy, but so far, it's one that's worked. It looks tomorrow like he'll coast to a double digit if not 20 point victory."

She stressed Senator Buono's campaign has been stalled because she has limited funds, a young untested campaign staff and very little support within her own party.

"With Democratic leaders on board, then you are able to raise money, you are able to hire the most talented and seasoned campaign consultants," said Dr. Harrison. "But without that kind of kiss of the party bosses that was really missing from her campaign, she has been kind of stuck treading water."

She added if Senator Buono loses by a landslide, as expected, it will signal the end of her political career.


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